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Terms and Conditions


The Company agrees to sell and the Purchaser agrees to buy, subject to successful transfer, Registration Number (the “Number”) for the sum of (the “Price”) plus applicable fees in respect of Retention transfer plus VAT where applicable.


The Purchaser agrees that this offer is made via the Company’s website and accepted by the Purchaser upon payment of the Price by Credit or Debit Card. The Purchaser may print a copy of this Agreement or may request a copy from the Company.


Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 the Company notifies you that our service begins as soon as a registration is reserved on your behalf, therefore there is no cooling off period, the transaction cannot be reversed or cancelled and no refund will be offered or be available under any circumstances except those subject to Clause 4 hereunder.


All registrations are sold subject to availability, the Company shall not be held responsible for a registration that ceases to be available for whatever reason. In such cases any payment made by the purchaser will be refunded in full, provided the failure is through no fault of the purchaser. The Company’s liability is strictly limited to a refund only; no claims for damages, interest or expenses will be accepted.


The Company accepts no responsibility with regard to the expiry of Retention Certificates or Certificates of Entitlement that are supplied to you, the purchaser. We will endeavour to give notification where possible and will give assistance in certificate extension upon payment of the fee of £25.


All transfers will be carried out as quickly as possible but we cannot guarantee specific times for completed transfers. We cannot be held responsible for postal delay, DVLA delays or any other unforeseen circumstances.


This Agreement shall commence on (date) and shall be deemed to have been made in England and shall be subject to English Law.

Cherished Numbers Dealers Association Retail Motor Industry Federation M·I·R·A·D

Registered Company Number: 6798750
When instructed to do so our experienced staff will coordinate the entire transfer of your number plates with DVLA Swansea and provide superlative progress tracking for your convenience and peace of mind. We sell number plates owned by clients, government stock and our own stock on a 'first come, first served basis' all subject to availability, DOT transfer fee and terms and conditions, some numbers are subject to VAT.

Our systems record telephone conversations and the date and time of all communication. We shall debit your payment card if your offer is accepted and provide confirmation either way. Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, we must notify you that our service begins immediately upon payment being taken, subsequently no cooling off period or refunds are given.

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17 Glasshouse Studios,
Fryern Court Road, Fordingbridge
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DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.
PNA is in no way affiliated to the DVLA or DVLA Personalised Registrations.
PNA is a recognised reseller of DVLA registrations.